The First Craft Post

Ah, the first ever craft post, and all my craft equipment is in boxes being transported to the new Tower of Solitude! I did actually consider making a seperate blog for my craft posts, but… we’ll see. If I make enough of them to sustain a blog, then maybe.

I really wanted to get down and make something for the new place – it needs some stuff, especially some things to make the bathroom halfway presentable,* but as you know, I have none of my equipment here with me. So to satisfy my itching craft fingers and establish how the pictures work on this thing I’m going to show you some projects past and in progress instead. Lucky you.

Meet Safi. Well, the felt version, anyway.

Meet Safi. Well, the felt version, anyway.

This boy – yes, he is a boy, and he has a little felt weener to prove it, although that picture’s not going up just yet – is Safi Kashtihaz, he’s a character in Genesis Era, which is an RP which has been taking up rather a lot of my time. You likely won’t get a full explanation here – that really would need its own blog and I’m not convinced that anyone other than me and Pocketfox, the other player, would read it. Anyway, Safi here is Pocketfox’s character, he’s my first ever wired plushie – at least, he has a minimal pipe-cleaner skeleton enabling me to pose him a bit – he’s waiting for a second outfit to be made for him, and when all is finished, he will be one of a pair.

When it's time to party they will party hard

When it's time to party they will party hard

That picture just there has both components of the pair – the wild young man being knocked off balance is Kletz Manai, Safi’s lover and my character. He’s going to be a bit taller than Safi – the Safi doll is, on estimate, five inches tall; the Kletz doll will be maybe an inch taller – and made of dark brown felt. He’s supposed to have black fur, but I’m having a bad enough time embroidering features onto dark brown so I’m buggered if I’ll make him black. Incidentally, this is also the reason why there are currently no colour pictures of Kletz.

Safi’s jewellery has been made primarily in gold-plated metal with blue glass beads of various colours – his second outfit, a dancer’s outfit consisting mainly of white voille and more jewellery – requires a shimmy belt covered in tiny little gold bells, which on their own don’t ring but which give a delightful sound together. Kletz, on the other hand, has quite a few body piercings but they’re all going to have nondescript blackened metal rings in them, or dull gold beads. One thing I’m not looking forward to is making his boots – Safi doesn’t wear them, but even in fake leather, putting together miniature boots will be an arduous process.

And your teddy bears too

And your teddy bears too

And just to finish off? The sampler just there was a protest, of sorts. I’d been subscribing to various cross stitch magazines for four or five years, and I was tired of all the cuddly bunnies and pretty flowers, and the assumption that all women cared about was shoes and chocolate, and all men cared about was football and beer. What is this, the fifties? There were a few ‘fuck you’ samplers around the net, but they had the slogan and nothing much else. Why do them in embroidery, then? Embroidery is beautiful. And then you get the other attempt to be modern, which is the gothic-type women and pictures of wolves and moonlight and all that New Age shit*** – which I suppose is alright if you like that kind of thing, but it’s clearly been charted straight from a poster. What’s the point? Why not just buy the poster? So I designed something that was clearly embroidered, that emphasised the embroidery and looked traditional – but definitely wasn’t twee. I showed it in last year’s end of year show at college. Watching people work out what it actually said was a hoot – there’d be a pause of about three seconds, then a visible double-take.

Oh, and it wasn’t made in 2002. That was me being careless and putting in the wrong number. It’s since been changed to 2008, and framed. When there’s a decent picture I’ll change the one here.

* – My new bathroom has sage green suite, and was originally tiled in mottled greenish tiles, which the previous owner painted over with cream, green and maroon gloss paint. I’m not one to play down a colour scheme; that never works, and I’ve worked with worse**. Sage green and maroon will work, I just need to break out the Indian-style and add lots of gold embroidery.

** – Black car carpet in the spare room in this house, if you must know. And before that, bright orange carpet in my bedroom when I was a teenager. Wallpaper’s much cheaper than carpet; sometimes you just have to take what you’re given.

*** – I’m not dissing pagans or Wiccans here. By ‘New Age shit’ I mean what the cross stitch market thinks is New Age, which seems to be entirely anorexic women in flowing robes riding huskies under an inexplicably yin-yang moon.


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