This looks like a job for Hypothetical Woman…

Greetings one and… well, me, and welcome to the initial tester post of the Hypothetical Woman blog. My name is Liz, I’m a 27-year-old, epileptic, English art student and this is pretty much my first stand-alone blog, so let me outline what it’s for.

This blog is not simply to post my rants and opinions about politics, science, media tropes, and anything else that might spring to mind, after Livejournal just became restrictive. It’s not just to show off my original art, craft and writing after DeviantArt and Y!Gallery became both restrictive and depressing. It’s both these things, plus whatever else I might need it for at any time.

The idea of starting a blog has been on the back-burner for a while, but the Hypothetical Woman idea came about while I was thinking about how I would go about explaining what was needed to design timelining software specifically for fiction authors*. The concept is quite a difficult one and I often have trouble explaining things verbally, so I came up with this superheroine, Hypothetical Woman, and her foe, Dr. Xander Ample, as illustrative aids. Beware, you’ll be seeing more of them as I use them to explain more points, I think they’re more interesting than Alice and Bob, or Character A and Character B.

I do my best to be open-minded and level-headed, and most places on the net I find myself playing Devil’s advocate. This is my blog, though, where I get to say what I please. The rating currently is PG, I will up it if necessary. Some of my opinions are not socially accepted, and could also be thought by some people to be unreasonable, overly cynical and, in some cases, downright hateful. I make no apology for this here, in my blog, but I will try and explain. Outside, in other people’s spaces, I try to see their point of view. If you don’t do that here, fine – but spam me and I’ll kick you right out.

*=There will probably be a post on this in future. Or possibly not, I can be quite inconsistent like that.


One Response to “This looks like a job for Hypothetical Woman…”

  1. Just tacking something onto the first post as promised! I shall read, and hopefully think of more to say :) Happy launching!

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